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You have Relationships with Things.

Did you know we have a relationship to “masks”, “wearing masks” plus the “authority” that mandates the “wearing of masks in public”.

Are You at the affect of a negative relationship regards MASKS? And how would You know?

SIGNS of a Negative Relationship |

If you experience any unpleasant, unwanted feelings or emotional drops (that can seem physical) about MASKS |

• the sight of

• hearing about or conversations

• directives or requirements to

• act of wearing


• it heightens your exisiting anxiety

• depressive feelings

• resistance to wearing

• you suddenly feel unable to breathe, when you wear one

• you have any type of outburst in reaction

• you experience sudden energetic drop or increase in your body

• including panic

The practises of MEM Can Help YOU. For over thirty (30) years now MEM Practitioners have been assisting their clients relationships with ‘things’ other than people. MEM Practitioners offered and provided support to front line workers when the COVID-19 pandemic started to come into effect. You too can now regain or establish emotional regulation, and review your perspective with a restored rational objectivity and sense of You; that changes in relation to all aspects of Masks and the wearing of them.

Even with the seemingly small or simple upsets, (shocks, surprises and traumas) of everyday living can affect you.

The more this occurs or is triggered, even at just the though or mention of, the more you experience the increasing scale of the consequence, of the decisions that follow your experiences and subsequent decisions. This is not just limited to the issue of Masks and the wearing of them.

It can be at any unpleasant, unwanted or surprise feelings or relationship issues with individuals, groups, organisations, activities, concepts, ideas, objects, philosophies, religion or strategies.

MEM is affective across all types of relationships, when you really want and wish it could be different.

🍃 Please feel free to reach out to me via my fb page or website directly, if you want freedom from the affects of masks in your life or any type of relationship. We can then take some simple steps together.

Be well, BE YOU



Caveat | You may not change your decisions or opinions about masks, you can however feel emotionally regulated about them and be able to express yourself more effectively when the desire or need arises and have people engage more positively with you.

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