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Updated: Jan 11, 2021


This morning I rise to remember in silent contemplation

Those sons born to this land and those born upon her shores

Who joined together as a band of brothers, family

Along with daughters who carried

Caring in their hands

Travelling afar across the waters, distanced from the ones they loved

Who in solidarity stood, to face the unknown threats together

Armed with the Spirit of this land that nurtured them

Some still with childhood in their hearts, minds and veins

They stood and raised arms to a cause, that need not be their own

Yet for the single ideal that one shared in the burden, together

To stand and act for the right to life, for people who could not

Those with ancient and original spiritual ties

People’s displaced from their motherlands

And for those who appear to be, able, differently

In dignity, those who are meant to live lives, lived in and with freedom

And so for a time freedom and life were surrendered

Even sacrificed to achieve this very aim and ideal, life is for all

And with their triumphs and horrors nearly past and behind us

We stand year by year to honour, to remember

So rise with the Spirit of this land in who we are; stand lest we forget

By Sarah Louise Iswell

An offering came in the dawn of 25.04.2020

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