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Updated: Aug 5, 2023


Being free of the internal noise and emotional conflicts of my past means I have a today, every day. Today is in every moment that NOW occurs.

I am present and move with grace, ease, curiosity, freedom and joy with an overriding peace; that does not require everything to be perfectly in place around me.This was once unimaginable and beyond comprehension.

Now hear me well, it is a powerful daily personal experience. It is a deep grounding in the knowledge of who I am, and who I am not, that sees me create movement full of certainty, knowing and with intrinsic purpose. Don't mistake my smiles and ability to glide through change as anything other than being fully possessed and present. My nature is adaptable as well as strong and flexible.

In pureness the power I possess is only affected over me and creates effortlessness and bears no self-consciousness, just self awareness and truth of my innermost being. Like any power and energy, when others are in proximity they can feel the warmth, see the light, be drawn; and experience the ease of its grounding presence like gravity, or discover an unexpected undercurrent of streaming knowledge.

In the experience of being me, I do not need power over anyone or anything to feel secure or to get and have what I desire, need or want. On occasion as a therapist or in a designated role I can be given limited power to act under specified terms, in the best interests of other, and what they want to achieve.

Living my life today and everyday is creating the future of my dreams. I make decisions and take action. At the right time I’ll start activity and create action towards them. The staying power, persistence, perseverance is my nature, as to the ability to pivot and move to complete and achieve the goals I decided upon. In harmony and more often than not, in the growth of my circumstances.

There is no other version or higher self or best self concept of me that can achieve this. It is me and purely me. Each day there is permission to show up more me, than the day before. With capacity to unlearn and let go of the habits and ways that hinder. Everyday I step out, no longer conformed or attached to unhelpful identities and roles I played in my past; in order to provide "myself" layers of self protection.


So, “what did it take to arrive into such a way of being?”, you ask.

Well, it took everything and nothing. I took/take responsibility for every negative and positive aspect and experience of my life. No-one ever has ever changed anything for which they have not taken up personal responsibility. And then nothing, allowing the dropping away of all that has nothing to do with, who and what you or me really are. And never did; get the clarity I have for yourself.

The past is just history. A record of what happened which does not change your life experiences. You however can change and no longer be emotionally affected by your past today, tomorrow or for the rest of your life. You are capable and can live a rich emotionally secure life and make excellent decisions that are right for you.

There is no conundrum. You just show-up and address what arises, one thing at a time. No judgment, no analysis, no evaluating. Just observing and being guided as you do. As your companion I’d take action and be your guide to the what and the how; as you set your attention and focus on being you and the life you want to live and how you want to be to experience it.



It’s imperative you know | A guide or companion can only knowledgeably lead and deliver you, as far as they know and have experienced for themselves.

If you want this experience for yourself, I am able and willing to accompany and guide you for as short or long as it is right for you and as it serves your best intentions and interests | Qualified and certified through education, practice, results and lived experience.

Every moment is an opportunity to say, it's time. This now can be a moment to decide to start living the life of your dreams, being you and achieving your goals, because it brings you pleasure and makes you happy. You no longer need to move in life to justify your existence, make your presence known, prove your worthiness or to stop feeling small or not enough of anything nor for anyone.

That is freedom, that is liberty, imagine and feel it for you. Now is the moment, it's all we ever have. This is your moment. Now choose and decide the action that will get you started.

Just tell me, what did you decide for you?

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