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Just a few thoughts pop-corning in my universe today on seeing this image-graphic/Meme as a post in one of my group fb feeds; Celtic Christian Traditions. I confess I am chuckling while I write this and left a comment to the fb post. It did so make me think of “Buddha‘s laugh” and I laughed outloud even more. So here we go, below you‘ll find my ‘few thoughts’ delivered by my knowing self, that was my comment posted 🤣 Enjoy.

While America is a collective identity for a group of people living with belonging on or to the land, the effect and affect of ‘Kind’ can only be abided in and expressed as a state of being. or by that of the individual.

When the momentum, tipping point of mass, the critical number/percentage of people required (prime movers) is reached they are able to effect as a societal influence. It can create a shift (movement>energetic resonance) in the collective emotional environment atmosphere; being that resonance of kindness. it is then one might be able to say a society is kind.

Essentially it is mass co-regulation of an emotional feeling. If there is awareness and enlightenment it becomes an attainable high aesthetic state of being. Not just mere emotion.