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The Night Sky Over Honey Farm

The dark of the long night is closing in around us,

Yet the sky holds a promise from a saying long ago.

We know there is a tomorrow, it’s a good day coming.

Let’s just settle indoors, rest and be still awhile,

And wait, until the dawn of that good day comes.

Sarah Louise Iswell


The poem above came to me like an unexpected offering, on what many were finding a wearisome Friday night. It came as the sun was setting, a Sabbath Call, a Lenten message with the heralding of a new life rising and emerging in future days.

We will come out of this "challenging time" changed? We have choices to make after we have rested a while, reflected awhile BE-en still awhile. How are you, we, going to see out the wait? The theme of my two year Period of Discernment "POD" that ended last year was ‘Actively Waiting’ as I explored the call to ordained ministry, and the voice that called in March 2016, to ‘Prepare My house’.

So the Question is:

Are you, we going to actively wait upon "God" and prepare together, for the new era into which we will emerge? Or are you hanking to return to what was and where has that been taking us and does it serve humanity?

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