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Let’s collaborate and get everyone linked up, no community left behind, let’s relay race this as online baton passing...aim on steady not fast, it’s proven to win the race.

Linking congregations and communities to currently exisiting online services whilst they get their own online priorities happening and “support the online learning curve”.

I am in WA and I am discussing this very point with a number of tech folk from our early adopting congregations. Tomorrow I have a National Network Gathering meeting with representatives from each state in how we can assist to Gather the Scattered Community.

This was planned from last year and we were due to meet physically in Canberra next month.

It’s crazy to have everyone, each congregation that can, re-inventing the wheel; with every type of regular gathering or limiting opportunities for services like, bible studies, children’s church and activities and all the other things we do, plus new ways to reach out to local communities. More important than ever.

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