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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Maybe we can during this time of “COVID” physical distancing and isolation take time, to reflect on life and what do we really NEED and WANT; that is not going to cost another person or generation anything...

As a world I feel like we are being put on a grand “time out”. To BE made, “to BE still’. To hopefully quieten our souls and check in with our hearts and mind and allow our spirit to guide us through reflection; about all that has come before now. Is this really THE LIFE and THE WAY we want to live?

I believe we have been teetering between established and emerging generations that represent a period in time, in the future, history; where there is a marked ‘Change of an Era’ of cultural, environmental, industrial, intellectual, justice, material, religious/spiritual and social change.

The earth is literally telling us, giving us signs that the way we are living and life is not in balance, it is not sustainable. Yet we are more interested in the drama of it, coveting and protecting against loss; comfort, convenience, lifestyle, position, power, privilege, status and wealth. When we need to ACT.

There are principles and laws in operation, whether we believe them to be there or not. We are in time of the COUNTER CORRECT. How far the pendulum swings is upto us.

How we choose to engage with this massive “time out” can be a sheer and blessed opportunity. We have been given TIME to reflect and embrace positive change. Given TIME to create and develop new habits, simplified dematerialised living, getting into open pastures and nature and choose LIFE and all things living first.

To choose to care, to choose to participate, to choose to belong and embrace a collective community outcome. To STOP the pendulum from needing to hit the widest arch of counter correction. What are you gaining, or going to choose? To tantrum and buy loo paper and lose your mind to the frivolous. OR are you going to engage and welcome this TIME OUT and let it work it’s way through you? Will you let it, the time out infect you? To change you in a way that brings you to the positive side for sustained, simple meaning-filled life? A life of otherness inclusive of self; being considerate, equitable and inclusively thinking, “what can I do, how can I live in ‘A WAY’ that will benefit the communities I’m in and environment around me?”.

Not only are we on a time out stool, we are being given time. Time to prepare and act out the changes, ahead of the time of crisis; when it hits open community near you. Some places that time has passed, so they are on the much steeper isolation and learning curve. The curve where lives are literally being lost to COVID-19, fortunately many are coming out into recovery too.

We are in a place to choose to BE “COVID PANDEMIC SURVIVORS” together, though distanced and isolated. We can emerge radically transformed to live and bless and heal our Communities and Earth. What will you choose? Which side will you walk out on and with whom will we be journeying?

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