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This course can no longer be booked.

Remembering YOU!

9 week Intuitive Art Exploration to feel your way back into YOU!

  • Ended
  • 640 Australian dollars
  • PO Box 2018, WARWICK WA 6023, AUSTRALIA

Service Description

BEing is a verb, it implies action from a place of rest and knowing. There is a way to just BE, with the action of life flowing from our self determined, discerning, knowing BEING, YOU! Accept the calling to BE YOU. It holds the power to change YOUR world and the material world around YOU. Remembering YOU integrates both your heart and your intellect. It gets past your roles and various identities on display to the people around you. It calls YOU to feel, remember and know YOU as the beautiful BEing YOU are at YOUR core. YOU are spirit first, it is this that gives YOU life. Through various intuitive and artistic modalities I will guide YOU through a series of practises and exercises. YOU will follow solo in some, paired in others and collaboratively in a few. These will give YOU opportunity and time to allow YOUR spirit to rise, to be see, to be felt and to express beautifully what needs to be. There is an opportunity here to receive, to take, to create. One that can see YOU become more of who YOU are. YOU in the face of self-acceptance and self-love. Be cherished by us, fellow explorers in a safe and affirming environment. After all, can we really love and accept others if we do not first love and accept ourselves? How can we ask others to love and accept us, if we can not truly be loving and accepting of them? At some point someone needs to dis-create the masks, be courageous and spend that time to explore yourself; to BE and find the actions of life thereafter. It's time. Time to hack living, as most have known, and BE. When life takes over and you are keeping up, the DOing kicks in. The boss is calling, clients demanding, friends gathering, church, school and volunteer rosters are posting, the children are needing, your partner waiting and you; where are YOU? At this point it often goes one of a number of ways. YOU barely rate, you indulge in a little escapism, the indulgence that takes over or you swing between the two. Or hello frienemies, Control, Perfection and Routine. Organise, rationalise, prepare even when not needed... just incase, keep it together, it works J U S T this W A Y, do NOT STOP! If (when) change happens or you need to DO differently.....can you adjust effortless with no emotional kickback or people pleasing? We all have DOne life in at least one of these ways. Where life, persona and wondering leaves YOU, ME, WE behind, and believing we are what we do, say, and have. Thank GOD that's not true!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours prior to session.

Contact Details

  • Warwick, Warwick WA 6023, Australia

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