Life Stages Companion

Your Intuitive Companion during the stages and transitions in life.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Discussed on Enquiry
  • Face to face or Online

Service Description

Two Companion Sessions plus MEM Initial Emotional Handling. Everyones point A to B is different and the climate and terrain of your life and aspirations vary. I have extensive experience, directing, guiding, facilitating, following, mentoring and providing spiritual direction in all aspects of a person life, no topic is off limits or taboo. All in all I see people, humanity, heart and spirit, at any age, in anybody. I observe what is and remain with you, until you know what is right for YOU. I've lived a full and empty, diverse and limited, hope filled and downcast, abundant and impoverished, successful and failed, fertile and sterile, and a love filled and abused existence. Honestly, my story as such, is not what is of importance or value to me. It is what I have learnt and how I have responded in being me, being with others and engaging all things pro-survival and life filled. This is of importance. Value. However a small bio is as follows: I was born in 1973, one month after my parents and siblings arrived in Perth, from the UK. Born as Sarah and renamed Louise, confusion in life started early, yet my knowing keen. It is Sarah Louise. I have been a daughter, a sister to many sisters and brothers, a girlfriend, wife to one man and a mother and single mother of 28 years to four children, now all adults, a mother-in-law and a grandmother of just a few months. I have been a student, employee, manager, leader, agent, business owner, wage, salaried, piecework, consignment and commission earning breadwinner. I have been unemployed and an enthusiastic volunteer and team member, captain and 'Best Player'. Religion has featured, with spirituality being the winner. I see the beauty and align to the truths held in common across a multitude of faiths and philosophies, that also yield to spirituality. I also step aside to see through the sciences, the humanities and arts and find the place that is intersectional with them all. Distilling and giving place to each part of the whole and focus, to cause and intent. I am a lover of the natural world, that essence, spirit with consciousness that gives life, form and memory. I can hold as easily to mystery as to knowledge. I relate effortless to many of the bygone female mystics and can weave with those of eastern influence. Such also is my interest in theology, it is so diverse, it is emergent; with gravitas given in sticky parts to context and the pastoral nature that leads to freedom, acceptance and love themes.

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