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MEM™ Activity/Productivity Procedure

All of life is an activity. Clear the hidden negativities in your activities and boost wellbeing.

  • 1 h
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • PO Box 2018, WARWICK WA 6023, AUSTRALIA

Service Description

Now to get to activities, to get anything done, you must start, then persist, and complete or end the activity. However, first you have to make a decision to do something. Each one of these steps can have positive or negative aspects, but remember anything unwanted or negative indicates the presence of a negative and unhelpful and unwanted identity. Here are some examples: Decisions | Positive ~ some people make them easily and just get on with life. Negative ~ other people can’t make decisions, they may procrastinate, make excuses or just waffle about decisions. Others make decisions but go no further, often talk a lot but achieve little, they are “the goanna do something type”, a negative identity. Starting | Positive ~ These people can get started easily; they just get on with things. ~ Some of them start lots but complete little. Negative ~ These people are the hesitators, they find unimportant things to do to not start the important things, but once started may persist well. Persisting | Positive ~ The old classic, a gold watch for 50 years of service, at one job means they sure know how to persist. Generally a good persister will continue under trying conditions or opposition, they don’t give up easily. Negative ~ When people are weaker on persisting, they give up easily or loose it when the going gets tough. They don’t get results, so are often suffering frustration. Complete / Finish / End Positive ~ These people always complete whatever they start, and then are able to start new things. The people who can make a clean decision, start, persist and complete with no problems get more done each day and enjoy more success. Negative ~ if a person was making a cake which had to be cooked quickly, but found them self short of flour, then rushed to borrow some from a neighbour, but got caught talking for an hour or so and couldn’t get-a-way. This would indicate an inability to complete or end. This person may have lots of projects not quite finished. It is believed the only really satisfaction we enjoy is when we complete things. We can enjoy the process yet this is different to the satisfaction of achieving completion. It is a different experience. So this person would not be really be in control of self. Finally, a very important aspect of completing or ending is to recognise when you have completed or achieved what they set out to do, they sort of hang on, can’t finish and let go. Once again it’s just an unhelpful identity.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours prior to session.

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  • Warwick, Warwick WA 6023, Australia


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